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Fitness is for All Bodies!

There is no body shaming here! We are here to build each other up, push our limits and become stronger, together. FAB is for friendships and positive encouragement.

What You'll Gain



"Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy!"

Exercise is a great way to work out frustrations in a positive way. So don't get MAD, get to FAB! You can take your frustrations out on the slam balls, and sprint to a new mindset, and you'll enjoy the cool-down with yoga to get you back to your FAB-self!

Pictured Right: Jaquondre using the Inerta Wave!



Accomplish your goals, regardless of where you are starting from.

FAB encourages everyone to participate. Here you will build confidence, strength, friendships, endurance and find out you are far more capable than you believe!

Pictured Left: Camilla deadlifting 108lbs

Pictured Right: Samor deadlifting 108lbs


All You Need to Know


First Week Meeting

Before starting the program all participants are required to submit a physical to Mrs. Dumbuya. Once this is submitted you are good to go! Each month there will be optional assessments. Participants have the option to be  weighed, measured and body fat composition calculated (all privately). We will discuss caloric intake needs, the importance of fitness and stigmas related to fitness. We will do team building and self-confidence building exercises.


Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:45-5pm

We will be doing HIIT/ LISS circuits with the following equipment. Inertia Wave, Balance Board, Resistance Bands, Sandbags, Jump Ropes, etc. in addition to body weight movements. Quality form over quantity of  movements will be emphasized. All movements will be scale-able from beginner to elite. We will always have a 10 minute warm up and then a 5 minute yoga and guided meditation cool down.


This will be an at home workout for participants. All movements require no equipment and are able to be scaled as well. Faculty/Staff and students will also have their own discord servers with which to communicate for celebrations, accountability, and questions! 

Saturday/ Sunday



There will be bi-weekly nutrition blogs where we answer participants questions. There will be meal prep menus, healthy eating guides,how food fuels us, etc.



Sporadically we will set up a Zoom conference with a leader in the fitness community such as Kortney Olson, Janae Marie Kroc, Andrea Thompson, Karen Skalvoll, Jerreal Flow, Woody Belfort, Michael Eckert, etc. They will speak about their challenges in the fitness arena,how they got their start, and what keeps them motivated. Participants will be exposed to different 'sports'in the fitness arena such as power lifting, strongman, roller derby, arm wrestling, rock climbing, MMA, etc.


To join: Bring water and your physical to any of our Tuesday or Thursday meetings (3:45pm-5pm) or contact Coach Dumbuya in room 315

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